Why is there an engagement ring on Danna Paola's cake?

A few days ago Danna Paola turned 24 and the celebrations were at their highest level. The singer celebrated another year of life in Spain and Mexico, where she received love and gifts from family, friends and strangers who follow her fervently on social networks.

But the gift that attracted the most attention, and it is possible to say that it frightened many people, was a luxurious diamond ring and an immense pearl. Dana Paola showed it in her Instagram stories and the only thing we could think of when she saw it, was that she had just committed herself to someone, because the ring came on top of a cake.

But calm, that Danna still does not leave singleness. This ring was given by herself, so she was just trying to pamper herself.

What a fright!

Well, happy birthday to her!