Outfits for girls who hate wearing little clothes in hot weather

Unlike the cold, which you can take off with a lot of clothes on top, heat is inevitable. Wearing few or short clothes is almost essential, but not everyone loves the idea of ​​going so bare. It is everyone's taste to dress as they want and we respect it, but if you prefer not to wear little clothes, we recommend the following looks.

A long-sleeved blouse, with a light transparency and jeans. This rustic style is widely used in the fields, as it lets the air flow without teaching much.

A totally white look will always be fresh, regardless of the length of your pants, sleeves or neckline.

If your little dresses and suspenders don't beat you, you can use a cool white t-shirt and underneath. Quiet, it will not seem that you are wearing pajamas underneath, this look is fashionable.

Shorts are always a good option, if it's heat. There are shorts almost mid-buttock for unbearable heat, but there are long and baggy shorts that look a thousand times better.

Wear a bold look, I know you don't like it, but with a cardigan on top, change the thing. Surely you think How hot a cardigan! But there are tissues with ventilation, that is to say that the air flows.

You love jeans, but in the heat you hate them because they suffocate you, so change them for thin and baggy cloth pants. It is a look between vintage and hippie that all suits us ...

... or you can do the opposite, wear a light and baggy sweater, with a short and narrow skirt. Thus you compensate one thing with the other for a perfect balance.

A white trouser replaces jeans in summer, a baggy blouse of suspenders will make a good game and you will not feel showing "too much", so to speak.

A white and formal dress is what you want, but you have to take a little risk with a low cut on your back. You will feel very comfortable because it is a neckline that you are not seeing every time you look in a mirror.

A long jumper is perfect, it goes well with the summer and the way you dress. Remember that you are free to dress as you like and that eslamoda distributes love for all types of girls.

Video: Beat the Heat WITHOUT SHORT CLOTHES. Summer Outfit Ideas. Sejal Kumar (November 2019).