Realities of every girl with more than one year of dating

The other day I read a black joke that said "If your girlfriend told you baby and they finished before nine months ... consider yourself an abortion." I thought that each couple goes at their speed, but after a year every relationship is different from the beginning since every girl has already gone through the following:

They already went to a family event together

I don't talk about going to eat with in-laws, I talk about a formal event. As wedding, fifteen years, baptism, etc. Where they met the whole family and formally introduced themselves as "boyfriends."

He has seen you in your worst facades

Obviously at first you worked hard on your personal presentation, then you worked hard, then normal ... until you looked in pajamas, with lizards and greñuda. Sure they were special cases, such as illness or surprise visit.

You already fought him very hard

As little girls they told us "those who fight love each other" to annoy us. But it is the truth. Enraging your partner reflects that they both love each other too much and that they won't leave things on the air ... even if that means fighting too ugly.

You feel the chemistry

What do we become tables for? We have a boyfriend and we do think about the “moment of truth”. When it finally happens they may be fearful, in different tunes or even uncomfortable. At this point they are perfectly understood.

You know 80% of his family

You know all the gossip of his family and he of yours. Not only do you know the names of their parents and siblings; you also place your favorite cousins, cool uncles, grandparents, etc. And those you don't know for sure live in another city.

You adopted their tastes

Be they opposites or separated at birth, they will not match in all tastes. So you ended up adopting their pleasures, even if they are guilty to you. They even blend in to such a degree ... of accidentally agreeing in outfit.

Your boyfriend has taken care of you drunk

Once a year (getting a bad drink) does not hurt. You are super grateful for that time when I take care of you from drunkenness. Although the next day you died of shame.

They already slept together

Regardless of the intimate, they have already spent at least one night together. Besides, for your luck, he didn't snore. If yes, I am sorry to tell you that your nights will not be easy. In any case, you slept like a baby because he gives you security.

You increased the number of your friends

If that boy is your boyfriend, it is obvious from his good taste. What could you expect from his friends? You consider them good friends. Well, they love you, because you made your friend very happy.