Outfits that could be useful for your Halloween party

The horror festivities are closer than you imagine and planning a costume is delayed. However, we can all create our own costume with clothes that we keep in our closet. In case this year you lack money or time, I recommend you take advantage of your clothes to dress up as…

'Fake news'

If you want an original, funny costume that nobody else is going to wear to the party, this 'fake news' is the one. Wear a white blouse, paste or paint the letters on it, and newspaper a skirt or short.


You only need a white sweater, leggings or blue tights, some sneakers, blue wig, blue makeup (or so on the natural one) and that's it.

A "Miss Universe"

As simple as reusing your prom dress. Even you and a friend can make a personal joke like stealing crowns or different countries.

A sailor

With a red, black or navy blue striped top. Whether your top combines it with a skirt, shorts or pants, all you have to do is add a browser hat or one made with newspaper like in the old days.

A rocker with your black outfit

Even your squad can dress up as a band like Kiss, The Doors, Queen, and so on. It's just a matter of personifying yourself with makeup.

A sportswoman with an outfit fitness

You can take a ball, paint two stripes on your cheeks, add a helmet or whatever you can think of to simply disguise yourself as an athlete.

Debbie Thornberry

Yes! The one with the cartoon! A plaid shirt with a white top is enough to be Debbie and, if your hair is Chinese, you don't need anything else. If someone does not understand it is not from the old school.

A serial killer

But pretty coquetona, you can wear any dress or black clothes at hand. You add a plastic knife and a scary mask or makeup and you're more than ready.

A chola with torn pants and top

You can also add accessories such as very large crevices, well-delineated lips, paliacates or even fake tattoos.

Cher from the Clueless movie

The yellow set may not be in your closet, but you can take advantage of the opportunity. Using it on a normal day will make you look amazing.

A character from the series 'The House of Paper'

With a red dress and props like machine guns and masks. It doesn't necessarily have to be dressed, but it's an average outfit of the closet.

A Martian

With an alternative outfit that you bought for a festival or rave. Do not waste that original clothing and take advantage of it to become a Martian, mermaid or be a stranger to Earth.

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