Challenge of 15 selfies you should take this month

Taking selfies can be a thousand times more fun and productive if you do it with an intention and objective ... That is why today I will put you in a challenge that although everyone wants, so many will dare to fulfill (or at least I think so).

The task of finding the places, outfits and moments will be yours. Get creative and be inspired by them to have your best photo and complete this challenge.

Note: Share this content with your friends so they bet and among themselves they challenge themselves to see who complies first.

1. Tumblr and grunge type

2. Very feminine

3. In your shadow without clothes.

4. With fishnets.

5. In front of a mirror of a building on the street.

6. With your most expensive outfit.

7. With bralette.

8. Combining outfit with your bestie.

9. With emojis.

10. On a wall of white or black bricks.

11. With a shirt that has a phrase that reflects your personality.

12. Highlighting your most sensual physical attribute.

13. With a sexy outfit in the locker room of your favorite store.

14. In an elevator with a chic outfit.

15. 'So I don't realize it.'

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