10 Signs that that guy will no longer answer your whatsapps

We don't need to tell you, texting with the guy you're dating feels like one of the most important things of your day. Even if the texts you send are normal, we never miss the strange messages that come out by accident that the boys ... do not respond.

Obviously there is a way to know if your link is going to answer your text message or not and is checking your cell phone periodically. That's all, but there are girls who go crazy for not receiving a text back. In order not to suffer a torment, we leave you signs that he will no longer answer! Get over!

It's been more than three days

Do you know the golden rule of 72 hours? Every problem is solved in less than 72 hours, after this time there is no valid reason or excuse for not answering. It's like when someone disappears, you have to wait for that time, if it has already happened, it is because it has disappeared.

Your last text was a question

The messages that contain only an "ok", "hahaha" or emoji are zero respondents, perhaps that is the reason why you do not answer. However, when your last message was a question, it is because I no longer wanted to answer you, that simple.

Always respond quickly ... but not today

If you go out with the boy, you are aware that it does not take off from your phone and respond in a matter of minutes. There are a thousand scenarios to not have answered, but if you really appreciate it will try to answer not to worry.

They continue to interact with you on social networks

There are guys who tag you in a meme or like your photos and their messages? When they do this it is a way to justify their lack of texts with other interactions. But it is not good news! It means you want to stay on your radar, but you're not his priority at the moment.

You know he only answers when he occupies something

Let's say that basically you and your league have a transactional relationship; that is, they are used to benefit. Question Do you send text when you need something? When will they leave? If you occupy a task? If the answer is yes, it is not necessary to bother or worry about someone like that. Go ahead and find someone else.

Your response time has been lengthening

It is not a sign that you should go crazy, but if your response time suddenly begins to lengthen without reason, worry! Over time he will stop answering. There are few things you can do, but it is good to see the end of your texts coming.

You know he sent a text to another person or group

If it belongs to the same social circle, you can ask your closest friends if they do. Even if they share a group you can see if there answers. This signal sounds complicated because you must investigate, but your conclusions will make you understand that it simply does not want to answer you.

You feel there was no chemistry

If when you face it you feel that there was no click, much less will be in your text messages. Maybe at the beginning they speak 24/7, but after a real date the truth comes to light. Do not go to force the relationship, if you stop answering it is to do good to both.

You know he walks with someone else

If you saw him flirting with someone else, they told you or social networks gave him away. It's not worth it! It is likely that his new conquest now captures all his attention and you went to the background. If you feel like this, you should stop messaging it! Leave it on until death.

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