Outfits that will make your game despite your ex

If you just finished a safe relationship, you are or will be at the point where you want your ex to realize what he lost, and not to return with him. Oh God no! But simply to enjoy their suffering and regret, I know it sounds cruel, but let's not be innocent, we all at some point want this.

So if you're already at that point, these outfits will inspire you to take a sigh of regret. Make your world burn!

Mix the formal with the informal. Create outfits worthy of a catwalk.

Show him that even in sports outfit you look incredibly beautiful.

Play with your mind and post a picture with transparent clothes.

Make your bralette the best of allies against ex.

Play with the transparencies. Dare to look extravagant and casual.

Wear all your overalls with cute tops and add accessories such as caps or hats.

Try styles you have never used, reinvent yourself so that you know that the break did everything but stop you.

Don't be afraid of bodysuits that seem very daring.

Never forget your skinny jeans.

Add decorated socks to your looks.

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