Preppy Outfits for your first day at the University

The Preppy style is inspired by the dress of some elite schools in the United States. They are super classic clothes, sober, comfortable, with a collegial and sensual touch. A unique mix that no other style will give you. So if you start high school without a uniform or go to college, it would be great if the first day you went with a Preppy outfit.

Check out how you can do it:

You can immerse yourself completely and go for a super classic preppy outfit like this. Skirt, stockings, white shirt, tie collar and an ultra vintage sweater.

Or you can adapt it to your style and needs. As for example, change the skirt for a denim shorts.

The preppy style is ideal not only to go to school but to take to the office.

I know you've seen dresses like this everywhere, well, join the flow and enjoy the comfort of this style.

If you enjoy alternating your usual style with the tomboy, be prepared because the preppy has this look that you will surely love.

Although the preppy style is inspired by a conservative look, that won't stop you from looking sexy.

It is ideal for when you want to look like a good girl. I mean, disguise the devil inside you for a while.

It is super easy to get this style. For example, you can wear any dress and a sweater on top.

And yes, it's not just about wearing skirts or dresses, jeans are also welcome.

Hair ties are a plus in preppy outfit.

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