Dressing tips if you have a broad back

As much as we eat healthy and exercise, there are certain aspects of our body that we cannot change by genetics, such as the color of our eyes, our height or the width of our bones.

If you feel that your back is a very wide one and for that reason several of your outfits do not look as they should, here we leave you a series of tips so that you can balance your figure.


Not any neckline can favor a wide back, so it is important to choose the right one. A V neckline makes the upper part of your torso look more stylized and pay attention to the width of your back.

Vertical stripes

The stripes can stylize the body, but if you use them in the wrong way you could see yourself more espaldona. Vertical stripes are the most ideal, because they give the effect that your width is different.

Dresses with spring at the waist

If you are looking for a dress for some more formal event, you should opt for a tight dress in that area, that has a spring or some type of belt, since they have the ability to give the feeling of having a smaller waist, which compensates for your figure stop a broad back.

Asymmetrical dresses

Another good tip in terms of dresses is to wear asymmetrical dresses, because it may not compensate for the figure on your back, but it does help to hide its shape.

Skirts with volume

To compensate for the width of the upper part of your body, that is, the back, a skirt with a good volume is ideal, because with volume at the bottom you can match the width and make your body more symmetrical.

Dark colors

Surely you have heard that "the color black slims", because the truth is that it does not lose weight (that's what the gym is for), but it does give the effect of a narrower body. But neither do you lock yourself in black, you can use dark tones to hide your back.

Long necklaces

Long necklaces not only make your neck lengthen, but it makes your body look narrower. A very common mistake in girls is not to notice that the accessories stylize them, for example a short collar makes the shoulders look more, that would be counterproductive.

Peplum shirts

These shirts balance the figure of any girl, since they are characterized by sticking at the waist and gives volume of the hip, thus giving a figure with curves.

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