10 Girls that will motivate you to make yourself a 'Californian' look

The Californian look or also known as 'balayage' is a style that in my opinion every woman should try at least once in a lifetime, because it gives you style, class, personality and goes with absolutely all skin tones.

If you are not sure how this style is, I want to leave you here some examples that may help you decide if it is what you are looking for or not.

The Balayage style is characterized by going from dark brown to a shade with more light and blond. The important thing about this look is that the gradient is done correctly and at the perfect height to have a favorable result.

There are already many girls who sometimes "complain" to us because they did not look exactly like they had expected and that is because many prefer to save some money and trust a stylist who does not specialize in these types of changes of look. We say this because what we want you to keep in mind, is that if you plan to make any major changes in your hair, you will need to invest and make an appointment with a professional with a very good reputation. Ask him before I show you some examples of work he has achieved or go to his facebook pages to see the results he gives to his clients.