Things to do if you want to last a lifetime with your boyfriend

A lasting relationship is not easy to achieve at all, first because you have to find the person with whom you click and second, you have to understand and do what is necessary to be happy by your side. If what you are looking for is to last a lifetime with your boyfriend because you feel he is the man of your life, here is a list of things to do that will help you achieve it.

Forget the fantasies

Happy couples forever only happen in the movies, the reality is very different, sometimes they will fight, sometimes you will suffer, but remember that everything is part of the maturation of any relationship.

Thanks everything I do for you

And when I say everything is everything; from all the times he invites you to dinner, when he opens the door, when he defends you, until when he makes you feel the most beautiful woman in the world, etc.

Mature and adapt

Fighting for any nonsense will not make you look good if you are already a mature girl, you have to be very mature girls and you have to know how to handle and adapt to the problems you will face with your boy.

Travel together

Traveling is the most delicious thing in relationships, because as they leave their daily routine and activities, they both take the time to begin to understand the essence of their relationship.

Forgive and forget things

All people make mistakes, nobody is perfect in this life. The idea of ​​forgiving may not sound so difficult, but remember that continuing to remember your partner's mistakes will not make you happier.

Surprise him

Not only do girls like details and surprises, they also have their little hearts, so you have to give what we want to receive.

No criticism

If what you are looking for is the solution to a problem, the last thing you should do is send criticism or hints to your boyfriend. He is in the constitution! Be direct

Respect it and make it compliments

Giving and receiving compliments is like a coupon that helps us when there are difficult situations, because our mind remembers more happy moments than sad ones.

Give your boyfriend and give yourself space

There is nothing better that both have their own space and spend time with yourself, to appreciate the presence of your partner and have to talk about at the end of the day.

Accept your friends

No matter how difficult it may seem to you, be social with your boyfriend's friends, because with them it is who he will talk to when you are not there and those who will always be there for him whether you want it or not.

Be cautious

I think part of what a boy falls in love with is the maturity of his girlfriend, so be cautious when needed and don't let go of your tongue at inappropriate times.

Treat it like you

Both are equal in the relationship. For example, if he pays for movie tickets, at least have the detail of inviting popcorn or whatever is born to you, any boy would love a girl who treats her boyfriend as her equal.

No secrets

Remember that your partner is to share everything you can and should, no secrets, tell him everything is totally valid. He will never judge you!

Keep an open mind to talk about sex or personal matters

Communication is everything in a relationship we have to talk about everything that bothers us, from personal issues to problems related to sex. Remember that talking about it and finding the solution is much better than repressing things.

Accept and admit your mistakes

Remember that a relationship is not always about being right, it is about giving and giving. I do not say always but pride does not lead to a long relationship.

Have your friends close

Don't limit yourself to your world around your boyfriend, because limiting yourself sooner or later can be stifling and can spoil things. Have friends, spend and enjoy time with them.

Support each other

Do not want to send about the life of your partner (even if you feel it is a bad decision) support him in everything he wants to do and do not treat the relationship as a competition, because this kind of thing kills the beauty of a relationship.

Trust your boyfriend

More than one of us has gone through the stage of irrational jealousy, but remember that although there are girls at work, travel or school, she chose you! He loves you and he wouldn't hurt you.

Get along with your family

No matter how much your mother-in-law hates you, beat her whole family, go to their meetings, treat them well, make them little details, to see that you are the best for your child.

Celebrate small and big occasions

The boys also like to receive pampering and gifts for the celebrations, just as you strive to have the best of birthdays, you can give them little details from time to time as a dessert for the exam they passed.

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