10 Tips for contouring that we should all know

The contouring basically consists of that trend of makeup that combines dark and light tones to highlight some features and hide some others. Many girls still do not dare to grab the bulls by the horns and apply it on their face, because they think it is not a simple thing. Error!

I say that contouring should already be a technique that all makeup lovers should master, either to highlight the best of you or for those special occasions where you plan to look super elegant. So here I leave you 10 basic tips so you don't give up on the first attempt.

A sexy look

You might think that all the artists were born with that wide look that makes them look super beautiful. Well, no! Everything is in the trick of knowing how to put the highlight at the top of your cheekbone and extend it to your temple.

For your nose

The contouring of the nose, depends on the type of nose you have, you can look for your type of nose and the contouring that suits you best, peeeero; If what you want is not to fight, let me tell you the basic trick: it consists of applying dark contour on the sides of your nose and on its tip. And a highlight in the center.

Perfect eyebrows

The eyebrows are the most important part of your face, since they are the ones that help the expressions of your face. To better define your eyebrows, apply a little highlight on the top of the arch and a little on the bottom.

Super Model Face

This, rather than being a tip is a super state secret. I do not know if you have noticed that the models have a brighter face, so that your face does not look completely matte, I recommend mixing your makeup base with a little highlight.

Cheekbone Trick

The cheekbones are not the same for everyone, you must first apply a dark contour where you feel your bone is sinking, almost almost below your ears, and follow that line down without reaching your lips completely, place on top of your cheekbone light contour and also under him, to the chin.

You can give it more than one use

If you do not plan to buy special makeup for contouring, what you can do is to reuse some of your products as light shadows instead of highlighting, or a light brown eyebrow pencil for dark contours.

Gloss at the key points

No, I'm not talking about lip gloss, but about that gloss to brighten the face. Not only is buying and applying it, you have to know what the key points are: above the cheekbone bone, arch of the eyebrow (above and below), tear, tip of the nose and over the center of the lips.

Use more than one product

If what you want is to fix your contouring super well, you can use more than one type of texture, such as liquid and powder for more than sealing it, fix it better. It's all about knowing how to blur so it doesn't look like a double layer Fuchila!

To hide use the dark

If you are looking to hide some faction, the best is the dark outline. For example, if you have a wide nose, place a little dark on the sides to reduce its width.

To enlarge use the clear

If you have a faction that seems very small, it is best to use light colors, either in clear or highlight contours. For example, if you feel that your forehead is not very elongated, you can use a little illuminator along it.