15 Adidas that women bring us crazy

Adidas has always been a meaning of style and beyond doing sports tennis, they have also focused on their designs can be combined perfectly with casual outfits.

As for their comfort, I must accept that there are others that could be above them, but to put together looks, I definitely go for these fifteen models.

If we gave you a pair, which one would you choose?

In recent years the most famous designs are the 'Superstar' and 'Stan Smith'. Each season is characterized by adding small details that make them unique.

The Adidas Supercolor have also managed to position themselves among the favorites. Perfect for girls who love to experience contrasts with their daily clothes. If I bought some, I would definitely choose the roses.

The well-known classic Superstar are still a sight to behold.

What do you say? Which ones did you like the most?

Video: Nike. Dream Crazier (November 2019).