Ankle boots that I prefer to find before my blue prince

I have decided to stop searching for my blue prince for a while, and it is quite tired to walk kissing each toad without finding results. Now I will dedicate my time to look for these beautiful booties, which I am also sure will make me much happier. And it is because it is enough to look at them to know that they will never let you down.

I must confess that heels are not given to me, but I am willing to make a sacrifice for them.

Aren't they the prettiest thing you've ever seen in life?

I can't even imagine how many outfits I could wear these beauties.

Some blacks can never be missing.

The elegance above all.

And for those night in which I don't want to get so tired.

For my fingers to take the fresco.

How not to feel beautiful with something like that?

For those days when one feels tougher.

These will be my priority.

For God's sake, someone help me find them!

Red should never be missing.

I don't even remember why I was looking for a man.

Simply divine

Sensual but to everything it gives.

Starting the search in 3… 2… 1

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