Ideas to have an open closet without looking disastrous

An open closet does not have to be synonymous with disorder. He can be part of the decoration, but you have to put enough of your part, because in a blink he can play against you. Check how to get it together and not destroy the order and decoration of your room.

Yes you can!

Decorate the corners, that it is open does not mean that it does not need decoration.

Place the mirror next to it.

You can use it as a division if you share a room, or your apartment is small.

Place enough shelves and keep the clothes folded.

Paint your hooks.

You can place it header.

Remember that order is everything, otherwise it will not look pretty.

You can cover it with cute curtains.

Do not leave your shoes under or they will take away space. Use drawers to store them.

It doesn't matter if you have many things, keep them in categories.

You can separate them by colors, so they will look much more when they are hung.

A few decorations in the back are never too much.

Place your dresser in half.

The hangers are super important, choose the ones that best fit your decoration.

Everything fits in a jar knowing how to accommodate.

You can create your own shelves.

Unleash your creativity.

You can cover just a little.

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