21 Tattoos for couples who want to spend their entire lives together

There is no better way to celebrate true love, than by getting a tattoo which both will wear for the rest of their lives, so here are some ideas to have one that symbolizes the commitment and respect to the other person.


Imagine how amazing they would look on the beach.

The initials of your partner with a heart. As simple as that.

If you and your boy are opposite poles, but still attract ... this is yours.

A classic with great meaning that will never go out of style.

King and queen.

The "engagement ring" with the most beautiful diamond in the world.

I love you | Yo lo se

The best sum of all.

A way to promise that they will be for each other at all times, regardless of whether it is day or night.

Ying Yang.

For couples who prefer something discreet.

If the music joined them, they will like it.

The triangle can mean that you and he will always be united in: body, mind and spirit.

I loved!


They would look super cute walking hand in hand together and showing this tattoo to the world.

A great promise

A pretty nostalgic tattoo.

A beautiful way of implying that difficulties don't matter and that you would be able to move mountains to see him happy.

For those who met online: 3

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