The crisis of the twenties

When you are in your twenties, circumstances of life that have surrounded you so far take another point of view. It is known as the "first quarter crisis".

One day you look in the mirror and even if you have not noticed, you know that you are not the same as a couple of years ago. That insecurity of adolescence has disappeared, you have your personality, your opinions, your style and your forged tastes. You laugh more eagerly and you realize that eighty percent of the problems are not so serious. The circle of friends has been reduced in number but increased in quality, we learn to value the "day plans", and the bug of knowing the world is in full bloom, so it is always a good idea to get away to some new corner.

To party three days every weekend is to live to the limit. With the hangover of a night we already have for a week; disco leagues start to seem empty and catching the drunkenness of the century has gone from being fun to painful. Instead, you give us a bar, good company, some reeds and some background music ... and nobody moves us.

Before, with anything we were satisfied, now we immediately distinguish the good from the mediocre, in the material and in the people, and you understand that the secret of everything is in the details. We are hungry for the future and eager to become someone. With studies, work or home that we become sometimes, it is more difficult to coordinate schedules and see your people, and every time you enjoy more coffee as an excuse to catch up.

We want to grow, yes but no. Sometimes you behave as if you were 18 years old and sometimes you think that you look more like your mother every day. We are more open to other points of view, new people and different loves. The day less thought you find your boy and you wonder how you could live without him all this time, or maybe you lie down at night and wonder why you can't meet a person interesting enough to want to know him better. The years go by too fast, and in the background you only hear: "The twenty will be the best time of your life!"

The answer was given to me by one of those wise taxi drivers who, during the journey, ask what you ask, ends up philosophizing about human existence. He came to tell me something like that the best age, the best stage of life, is what we have at the moment. Each one has its positive aspects and must be valued differently. You just have to know how to enjoy everything in its own time and think that while it lasts, whatever the crisis may be, we will be living the best years of our life.

Author: Café Desvelado
Inspired by: Twenties Syndrome - David Mogollón Voces

Video: Refusing to Settle: The Quarter-Life Crisis. Adam "Smiley" Poswolsky. [email protected] (November 2019).