Scraped off those you can't resist with this heat

The heat has already begun to be felt, and the worst part is that the good is just coming. It is typical to go out and buy a scrape on the street, but the truth is that all those syrups that are put on them are quite sweetened and are zero nutritious. That's why here we give you these recipes to prepare some delicious fruit scrapes.

I do not know about you, but I do not have the special machine that scrapes the ice. So for all these recipes that you will see next, put ice cubes in the blender, put it in a glass and then add the ingredients.

Mango, pineapple and cranberry scraping.



-Cranberry juice.


Cut pieces of pineapple and mango. Put a small part of everything in the blender. Pour the smoothie with the ice and shake.

In a glass, put some pieces of fruit on the bottom, then pour some chamoy and a splash of cranberry juice. Top of that put the mixture that you liquefied with the ice and place more chopped fruit on the top.

Colorful scraping






Cut some pineapple, kiwi and apple into very small pieces. Then cut a lot of all the fruits into much larger pieces. Separate a small amount of strawberry and raspberry to grind it with a fork. The tiny pieces must mix with the ice and let them rest for only two minutes.

Place the jam in a glass, then add the chopped fruit with ice and top of all that put the largest pieces of fruit. It is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted!

Raspberry melon scraping.



Divide 1/2 melon in 2 parts. Use one part to chop it very small and the other put it in the blender. Mix what you liquefied with the ice and the small pieces of melon. Add a handful of raspberries to the mix and go. Irresistible!

Ice cream fruit cocktail.






Pica all as if you were to make a normal fruit cocktail. Add a cup of plain yogurt to the shaved ice and mix very gently. When everything is well incorporated add the chopped fruit and mix again. Do not be afraid of yogurt with ice, I assure you that you will love it!

Sweet scraping







Blend some melon with some strawberry. Chop all the fruit into small pieces. The melon and the strawberry that you liquefied mix it with the ice and add them to your glass. In the top place all the chopped fruit and decorate with a cookie. The final touch will give a dash of milk on top of all the fruit. Delicious!