9 Garments that are conspiring to kill you and you did not know

If you have ever faced a terrible pain in the back, neck or feet in an inexplicable way, maybe your outfit is to blame.

There are garments that no matter how much we like them, they are attacking our lives and we should avoid them from now on.

1. Halter collars.

Whether it's dress, bikini or blouse, any halter-style garment reloads the weight of your breasts in the neck and this causes muscle tension and poor posture, causing unbearable pain.

2. Flats.

I know that they are our favorites, but between your foot and the floor there is only a thin layer of plastic, so in each step you take you are hurting your heels as much as you can. If you walk a lot or stand for hours, I recommend that you wear extra tennis shoes to avoid terrible pains or if you do not buy some templates that relax the arch of your foot.

3. Incorrect bras.

In addition to looking horrible for deforming your bust and making you see the awful little rolls on the sides, using a smaller bra size causes pressure on the clavicle and gradually in the lungs and this can lead to suffocation. On the contrary if it is bigger, your neck will be carrying the full weight of your breasts causing severe spinal problems.

4. Huge bags.

For most of us our world is in the bag, so much so that suddenly when we least realize, we bring up what we should not have inside it. Try to get everything you do not need in the day and so you will not stretch your shoulder so much.

5. Skinny jeans.

That's right, I know it's a terrible news but you should know that they fit your waist, hips and thighs so much that you can not walk normally due to pressure on the joints. It is very common for your hips and legs to become irritated due to how tight they are to your body, causing rashes or even irritations.

6. Terrible sashes.

It is important that when you acquire a lycra band so that it provides the necessary support and the ideal compression to help you to have an adequate posture. If it is too tight or has rods, it can cause problems breathing, muscle aches, itching and even limiting the movement of the spine.

7. Skirts very tight.

Due to the narrowness of these skirts, your legs are close together and your movements are very limited. It is super uncomfortable to get into a car and it is also impossible to bend over. Another point against is that we almost always use them with high heels, so if you plan to cross a street with these skirts, be very careful.

8. Statement collars.

They can be one of our favorite accessories, but the weight on the neck can cause a lot of tension, which could cause you to have contracture, which means you have to wear a collar for a couple of days.

9. Heels.

Using very high shoes daily can cause foot problems, such as bunions, corns, damage to the calves, knees and back. You should rest at least 3 times a week wearing tennis or flat shoes with a cushioned sole. In case you did not know, a bunion operation is the most painful thing in the universe, so be careful!

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