20 Programs that we miss from the old MTV

I still remember the time of the 90's and 2,000, when I came home after school and I went to see MTV all day. At that time there were incredibly good shows that did not let you get away from television. Unfortunately times have changed and those good programs have been left behind.

Next I will give you a list of 20 programs that I miss from the old MTV. It is possible that you also agree with me.

1. Newlyweds.

2. Beavis and Butthead.

3. Celebrity Deathmatch.

4. Boiling Points.

That's right, the first appearance of Stefani Germanotta on MTV, before being Lady Gaga.

5. Jackass.

6. Unplugged.

Before, knowing that there was going to be an Unplugged was cause for real emotion, since they did it to bands or singers with an impressive trajectory. Today, even Belinda could make one.

7. Next.

8. Room Raiders.

9. Dismissed.

10. Wanna Come In?

11. Cribs.

12. Pimp My Ride.

13. The Osbournes.

14. Punk'd.

15. Laguna Beach.

16. Ren & Stimpy.

17. Making The Band.

18. The Real World.

19. MTV Connection.

20. Darya.

If you remember how you liked any of these that I just mentioned, please share or comment which one I missed.

Nice day!

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