14 Wonderful tricks to organize your little CLOSET

Ordinary people do not have infinite cabinets like Hollywood stars, usually those of mortal people are small and zero spacious. But there are wonderful tricks to organize it in such a way that you can put twice as many things in it.

1. In order not to mistreat your bras, you can place them like this and put them behind a door.

2. Do you have too many shoes and do not know where to put them? You can buy pvc tubes and place them as shelves.

3. An incredible way to organize your boots without mistreating them.

4. Shelves behind the door, so you can organize more things.

5. Hang bags and backpacks that take up space in the closet.

6. Get a hook like that, in it you can hang many things using the minimum space.

7. Another creative idea to organize footwear inside the closet.

8. You can also place them in this way inside a cardboard box and keep them under the bed.

9. Install another tube on the bottom, so you can have twice as many clothes.

10. Place hoops on a hook, so your scarves and chests will not take away more space than you should.

11. If the shelves do not suit you, you can install pipes behind the door to hang things.

12. Use the ring of cans to hang a hook on another and thus save space.

13. You can raise your bed and use the space below as an extra closet.

14. Get a hanger like this. It will give style to your room.

15. You can hang a chain from one of the tubes on your rack and do this. I did it and it is really one of the best ideas that I have been able to carry out.

16. Bath curtain hooks can support many bags.

17. You can install a hook inside the door to have extra space there. Very good idea!

Let's do it!

Video: DIY Clothing Hacks. Clever Ways To Get Organized and More Cleaning Ideas by Blossom (November 2019).