The secret guide of a seducer

A man who knows how to conquer a woman always has these characteristics.

Speak with confidence and make sure there are no awkward silences.

A true seducer has the gift of the word, and incredible as it seems, it seems that you can talk and comment on any topic. If he does not have much knowledge about what you are talking about, he manages to capture everything perfectly and manages to ask you questions, which will manage to maintain an interesting conversation. It is common that between the talk, we make comments with enough humor.

Sense of humor.

It will make you laugh in such a simple way and without effort, with this you will be able to make an automatic connection with it.

The piropos.

A seductive man knows to flatter a girl and make her feel pretty-special, in this way she will make her interested in him. So men will usually look for something beautiful to say, and at the same time we can not say to any other woman. A seducer always knows that in the first appointments, everything that money can not buy should be complimented. It is important not to flatter the brand of your clothes, but rather how you wear them, and how well you see them.

Example: "I was fascinated by how that shirt looks, it goes perfectly with your personality".


Very important! A sedutor will always know that he must keep his head cool, (even if everything else is hot). He will only make you a proposal or a petition, and only if you are sure that your answer will be favorable.

Make offers that you can not refuse.

A boy who knows how to make you fall at your feet, will begin to make proposals which cause you some emotion and adrenaline, first start with simple things and so little by little until he wins.

Know the rules of the game.

For the same, it will not show all your letters at once.

It makes you need it.

This is achieved at first by showing a little indifference. That's why many girls always question why that guy does not call them every day. He is simply doing his technique to make you see that your life at his side is much more fun.

It goes at different rates.

One day you can do everything in the world, the next day you may not even answer your cell phone or a WhatsApp message. It is nothing more than not always going at the same pace, which would cause interest to be lost too quickly. (Depending on the girl you want to conquer)

It's unpredictable.

A great seducer is never a predictable man. He knows that by having different attitudes, he will be able to become a much more interesting man. A seducer will never be nice all day, at all times, and with all people. Doing this will achieve a bad boy attitude that you might like so much.


It will leave things to your imagination, without answering them completely.


He knows how to be patient and understands that all the work he has done will sooner or later bear fruit. Rushing can lead to failure and to fleeing.


A man who really wants to conquer a woman, is thinking 24 hours in ingenious ways to get their attention in a subtle way, but have excellent results. It can range from sending you a simple whatsapp message saying that you dreamed of you, to something more elaborate.

It is realistic.

Not all seducers are perfect. Some have advantages that others do not, for example: Some are more beautiful, others have more money, others live alone, etc. Every seducer knows his weak points, so on that basis he will know which women are most within his reach.

Is daring.

The man who is bold will always have more opportunities for a woman to fall at his feet, than one who reserves his impulses. If we think it wise to kiss them, we will not ask them, we will simply ask them.

It is not cloying.

We know how to give them their time, we understand that there will be occasions that prefer to go out to parties with friends without having us stuck all night. Those little details are important to make a girl fall in love with you, little by little she will ask you to spend more time with her.

We look for the weak point.

We know that all women have a weak point that we must find and exploit. Most of them only seek recognition and affection as people. Just like you and me, dear reader. Finding the weak point of each one: this is the art of moving the wills. It is more a skill, than a determination. It is knowing where to enter each one. First you have to know the character, then touch the weak point, insist on it, it will inevitably remain without will.

He knows how to give surprises.

The problem of many men is that they give dozens of gifts and end up overwhelming the woman, making her feel even a bit harassed. A seducer prefers to plan a good surprise and at the right time.

On romanticism.

A seducer knows that he is forbidden to look completely stupid when he is in love. He knows the perfect way to let you know everything he feels for you, without ending up falling into the obsession that eventually end up overwhelming you.

We know perfectly well that we are doing well.

We know what type of lotion goes well with us, the type of haircut, the clothes, the mood that you have, and the one we should implement when we talk to you.


Yes, we give jealousy from time to time, but simply as a strategy to realize how interested they are in us.

We know that inside you also bring a bad girl.

No matter how good a girl you want to try to be, we know that inside you there is also a little devil who we know how to upset him. It can cause a big fire, which will end up causing you to want us more.

We have ethics, we know how to respect.

This point is very important. A true man understands when a woman is in a relationship in which both love each other. To this type of women, it is forbidden to treat them to conquer, we do not like to cause problems.

We know how to lose.

When nothing works and we know we have lost, we retire proud of having tried it. You can not always win.

We do not put all the eggs in the same basket.

A seductive man not yet in love, will always work not only to bind you, it is possible that he is doing the same with 2 or 3 more girls. Some insurance will yield to us.

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