Tricks to dry your hair as a professional without dying in the attempt

Dry our hair or try to make a hairstyle with the dryer, sometimes it is an impossible task because we feel we lack a hand. Today we will give you some great tricks so you can achieve it like a professional and not die trying.

Change your dryer for an ion, work better and use less heat, which means less damage to your hair.

Clean it often to keep working as usual.

Such a brush will remove excess water and help you create that hairstyle much faster.

Use a brush like that to dry your hair in a shorter time, also prevent it from sponging.

Do not forget the cold air button of your dryer, this will help you to naturally seal your hairstyle.

Remove excess water with paper towels, so you will use less the dryer and less damage your hair.

Change your towels for microfiber ones, absorb a thousand times more.

That's right, there is a product that helps you dry your hair faster.

Use a shoe or a bag to jam your dryer and thus have your hands free to shape your hair.

You can also buy a special support for your dryer, this will make the task of combing your hair much easier.

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